About These Sermons

These are sermons that I have produced over the years of my ministry of preaching. You are welcomed to take these, cut, paste, adjust them in whatever way you choose to assist you in your preaching ministry for the Lord Jesus Christ.
God Bless

5 responses to “About These Sermons

  1. Bob Vander Berg

    Thanks for the outlines. They are thought-provoking. As one preacher said, “I milk a lot of cows but I churn my own butter. “90” Graduate

  2. Dan Leidy

    Thank you Brother Sewell for sharing such a vast amount of knowledge with us. So much enjoyed your class in the early eighties. Now with this at hand, I can feel like I am back in your class again. Thank you again and may God continue to Bless you and your ministry.

  3. Mel Bropwn

    Bro. Sewell, Your friendship is a treasured. Have used some of your outlines. I found them helpful. Do you have outlines on the Gospel of John? How can I access them on the internet. I would like to see your outlines for John. Starting Sunday, Oct. 27, I will begin teaching this Gospel. Am certain your notes would be a great addition to the material I already have. Thanks!

  4. John King

    Thanks for the outlines Dr. Sewell! Hope God continues to bless you. Hope to see some outlines on here about anxiety/fear soon!!!

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